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Restrictions on FUTUREGO registrations

We would like to inform you that these days you can only register for a FUTUREGO account using the FUTUREGO app on your mobile phone.

Prague’s Brumlovka has the first 100% electric fleet of buses in Prague. Over seven years, the free routes have circumnavigated the world eight times and carried more than 2.5 million passengers

The shuttle service providing a connection between the Budějovická (C) metro station and Brumlovka is 100% electric. Two SOR electric buses have been in operation since February 2016, and a third electric bus started operation in September of this year. The reliable emission-free vehicles have travelled more than 300,000 km in over 7 years, which is equivalent to circumnavigating the world eight times. These are the first free electric buses that have been put into normal operation in Prague’s public transport. Passengers appreciate their quiet and smooth ride and the possibility of connecting to Wi-Fi for free.

Electric vehicles drew 12% more electricity at ČEZ in the first half of the year. The most powerful Czech network has added 56 stations this year

*ČEZ has commissioned 56 new stations so far this year
*The construction of ultra-fast charging points continues, with drivers already using 20 of them
*ČEZ will make thousands of stations abroad available to drivers this year through roaming
*Drivers have drawn a record 2.3 million kWh of green electricity from ČEZ stations so far this year
*The amount of electricity drawn per charge is growing
More than 50 new charging points, a 12% year-on-year increase in total emission-free electricity consumption, and a 14% increase in average energy drawn per charge. These are the main contributions by the largest Czech public charging network to the electromobility boom in the Czech Republic. So far this year, ČEZ has increased its total network capacity to 36.3 MW, mainly thanks to the accelerated construction of high-speed stations. Combined with the proliferation of charging points, this means reductions in the time drivers spend charging or waiting to charge. The network is growing thanks to a European grant from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme, funds allocated by the Operational Programme Transport and ČEZ Group's own resources.

ŠKODA AUTO and ČEZ launch cooperation to decarbonise the energy sector and transport. They will test smart charging management systems and join forces to recycle batteries

*The two companies want long-term cooperation on innovative solutions for decarbonisation, energy self-sufficiency and security, savings and the circular economy
*The aim is to involve electric vehicles more actively in advanced network management and smart charging
*In cooperation with Škoda X, ČEZ ESCO will produce batteries for the energy sector from end-of-life electric car batteries
*The first such batteries in the Czech Republic will be in Rožnov and Ivančice, with others going to customers abroad
Smart energy management systems for municipalities, businesses and development projects, solutions for heating, lighting, rooftop photovoltaics, battery storage and electric vehicle charging. This is a contribution towards the great transformation of the domestic car industry and energy sector that was presented today by the leaders in Czech electromobility - ŠKODA AUTO and ČEZ. As part of broader cooperation in the modern energy sector, ŠKODA X and ČEZ ESCO, subsidiaries of the two concerns, want to involve electric vehicles more intensively in energy services and find new applications for batteries from electric vehicles. The first batteries are already on their way to customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.